A BIG THANK YOU to the classmates listed below who have generously contributed to support higher education scholarships, Second Harvest Food Bank and maintaining our website.

Donor Karl Anderson

Donor Matt Baer

Donor Michael Baer

Donor Betsy Bender (D’Onofrio)

Donor James Bendtsen

Donor Brian Blanchard

Donor Steve Cummings

Donor Ruth Davis (Phillips)

Donor Ellen Devitt (Heitman)

Donor Jeffery Furset

Donor Greg Genin

Donor Laura Gray

Donor Steve Greve

Donor Terri Haffner (Schenck)

Donor Barb Hasz (Hasz-Paul)

Donor Marge Howe (Wagner)

Donor Cary Johnson (McCormick)

Donor Laurie Johnson (Alioto)

Donor Sue Kanner (Anthony)

Donor Diane Kenna (Gurtner)

Donor Will Klinge

Donor Andy Lewis

Donor Beauvais Lyons

Donor Matt McGinn

Donor Marc Minkoff

Donor Becky Morris (Jenness)

Donor Nina Petrovich (Bartell)

Donor Cathy Pitot (Genin)

Donor Thomas Rundle

Donor Rob Schantz

Donor Alice Thorson

Donor David Thurow

Donor Amy Tobias (Fields)

Donor Rick Wallis

Donor Pamela Whitsitt (Ruprecht)

Donor Diane Wilcox (Rundle)

Donor Dace Zeps